HJ 1910 Bamboo extra wide. Single pair.

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The Original Softop® Socks – in bamboo fibre.

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The Original Softop® Socks – in bamboo fibre.

These Bamboo socks have the Original Softop® non-elastic top. This is constructed using 3 unique relaxation panels which contract vertically. This enables the socks to stay up throughout the day and stops uncomfortable restriction marks being left on your legs.

Why buy Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo Rich Softop® socks. Made from 65% viscose from Bamboo, these non-elastic Softop socks offer the ultimate in comfort and help you maintain good foot care. Bamboo viscose is absorbent; it also has a super soft handle and is a sustainable resource. These Softop® socks also feature a smooth toe seam and a ventilated foot so your feet can breathe.

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6 – 9, 9 – 11