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European based pilots – Deliveries outside UK.
Every day we experience more and more difficulties and delays with deliveries into Europe. Neither the courier companies or the Customs department will accept responsibility, they simply blame each other and change the rules to suit themselves.
Please be assured, ‘most parcels’ are delivered without problems but be aware of the VAT and duty payments in your country (see below)

Pilots visiting UK.
If you are due to visit / stay in UK for a few days, you should consider requesting delivery to your hotel. There are no additional duty payments, reduced postal costs, will save time and guarantee delivery to suit your travel plans. In the comments section of your order, please advise us of the date you arrive and leave the UK. We will deliver during that time.

VAT and Duty payments.
Goods delivered to any UK address will be charged 20% VAT.
Goods delivered outside UK will be sent WITHOUT charging VAT.
As goods are received in your country, your local customs department will contact you to pay the standard rate of VAT in the receiving country and any additional duty.