About Us

Why are we so successful?

AAC Ltd supply private and commercial airlines throughout the world.
We believe that airline pilots should be attired and presented in the most professional way possible.

When it comes to the actual fit of the pilots uniform, Armstrong’s have over 50 years of tailoring and manufacturing experience.

To achieve the very best fit, our pilots uniforms are stocked in a larger range of sizes than probably any other supplier in the world. With jackets and trousers available in over 80 sizes, it is understandable why so many of the worlds airline pilots look and feel absolutely professional in our uniforms.

Sleeve lengths are tailored to the exact length before the braid is attached which guarantees the very best finish to the Jacket. Trouser lengths will also be tailored to the desired length before dispatching to the customer.

These important finishing touches are completed at our UK factory which ensures a swift delivery of your uniform. Buy with confidence.

We carry huge stocks to enable us to sell our products at the lowest possible price.

I am confident that you cannot buy the same or similar product cheaper elsewhere but If you can, please let me know.

Neil Wright – MD